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Full-time Program


The tiniest bundles of joy are divided into two groups: 6 weeks to 8 months and 8 months to 16 months. As your baby meets incredible milestones, we will be there helping to encourage and care for them, as well as, give you lots of updates with the Brightwheel App. Our dedicated First Aid, CPR and MAT certified staff will provide love and safety for your little one as they go from tummy time to toddling; from babbles to “mama” and “dada."



Boundless energy and curiosity; these energetic bundles of excitement go from first steps to running, from first words to sentences under the loving guidance of our staff. The toddler class is structured around theme weeks: colors, shapes, numbers and letters along with a weekly theme keep them busy. To promote a love of reading and motor skills, their day includes storytime, music and movement, art, centers and outside play. Parents receive updates and snapshots throughout the day with the Brightwheel App.   



There is never a dull moment in our twos classrooms as these little curious tikes discover the world around them. Our CPR and First Aid trained staff will guide your little one as they socialize with new friends, learn their numbers, shapes and letters and develop gross and fine motor skills. While they progress from diapers to pull-ups to underwear they will also learn personal hygiene and the importance of handwashing (and water play).

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